Classic Eyelash Extension 1 On 1 Level Up Training

What is Shadow Training?

Observe Jasmine’s techniques, ask questions and develop further knowledge 1:1 to help further understand and improve your lash extensions.

During your training you will be able to film the session so you can reference back to your skills and have something to look back on.

Learn about Jasmine’s GO-TO lash products for perfect lash extensions every time! Each person who undertakes Zaura Aesthetics training, will receive some exclusive discounts to Jasmine’s go-to online lash extension supply stores to invest in your new lash products.

Further more, Jasmine will provide social media tips/tricks for the the best photo angles, apps, lighting, set up and editing to grow your business and clientele online and social media at no extra cost!

Zaura Aesthetics looks forward to getting you trained!

MVMNT Beauty Bar Eyelash Extension Training

A little more about Jasmine owner of Zaura Aesthetics:

Jasmine became a Certified Lash Technician in 2019.

Lashing became a very valued part of her life and now she wants to share this experience with you and you too may share this fulfilling career.

In just several years, Jasmine is now heavily booked with a very strong and loyal clientele with a waiting list for services - this could also be you!

Jasmine feels there is a gap in the market for thorough in person training within the Ballarat region and is excited to now be offering 1:1 training. 

Save money on investing in online courses which still leave you unsure, lack of understanding and the disadvantage for not having further on going support. 

Jasmine retains a University Degree: Bachelor of Education. With her teaching background Jasmine is able to provide structured training, well developed organisation/communication skills to help you along with your training.

Where do the Shadow Lessons take place?

All lessons are held at Zaura Aesthetics.


  1. Book online via Zaura Aesthetics online booking link

How do I book?

Please CLICK HERE book your shadow lesson via my online booking link. Found under 'Shadow Training (1:1 in person training)'

  1. Zaura Aesthetics will be in touch with you to secure your in-person training day
  2. Bring Your Own Model(s). On your in-person training day, you will be required to bring your own model(s). This is an important part of your training day.

Whats included?

1 on 1 EyeLash Extension Level Up Shadow Training

  • On going support - via a Private Facebook Group that only Zaura Aesthetics students will have access too.
  • Learn my GO-TO tools - save time and money trying which tools will work best. You will receive a detailed guide on Zaura Aesthetics tool recommendation along with exclusive discount codes to invest in new products.
  • Learn my GO-TO Lash Brands - save time, money and learn which lash extension products work best. 
  • Step-by-step in person tutorials on how to lash extensions + tips & tricks. Bring a model and learn my tips & trips for the creating the perfect lash lift every time. 
  • Learn about the the eye anatomy, eyelash growth cycle & more.
  • PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED FOR THIS COURSE (a beginners course will be coming soon)
  • Certification: Please note this is not a certified course - however, this course is open to those wanting to improve technique. Currently, in Australia Lashes are a non credited course. All Zaura Aesthetics students will receive a completion Certificate acknowledging attendance to Zaura Aesthetics training - both emailed & a hard framed copy.
  • Clear demonstrations provided - you will also be able to film your training to later refer back on.
  • Train Now, Pay Later - Payment options include cash, card, bank transfer Afterpay or Zippay
  • Achieve Success Faster -1 on 1 training will help fast track and boost your confidence opposed to an online course due to being able to ask questions, see up close and personal and have ongoing support etc. 
  • Bring your own model - Tip: Families and friends make great first models. Please ensure you organise up to 3 models in case of cancellations and avoid losing your 50% non refundable deposit
  • A 50% Non refundable deposit for the course must be paid to secure training - after booking your training online, Zaura Aesthetics will be in contact as soon as possible to confirm your training. 
  • Learn Basic health & hygiene practices and management
  • Learn about different eye shapes and how it can determine the outcome of your lash sets
  • Learn professionalism & code of conduct
  • Patch testing knowledge
  • Learn how to lash all different types of lashes e.g. thin, stubborn, downward facing etc. If you do not have knowledge about this, your lash extension retention will be average.
  • Learn how to select the right lash curl for all clients
  • Learn aftercare and recommended retail products to boost your income
  • Social media tips & tricks included - no extra cost like most other courses
  • ADD ON: the option to add on another model at the time of your training at an adjusted price. If you wish to perfrom a follow up training after your session – this can be organised & booked online at later date
  • The potential to make up to 6 figures a year* & become your own boss. For example: perform 3-4 Lash Sets per day, average $100 per client, working 5 days a week – that’s over $100k per year. $400 (4 clients per day @ $100 each) x 5 (days per week) x 52 weeks in the year = $104k
  • Learn how to become council approved - work from the comfort of your own home or know what to look out for to ensure you work registered.
  • Learn which Insurance Policies to purchase - protect yourself and your business
  • ALL Courses receive a Tax Invoice in hope you can claim your training

Lash Extension Level Up Shadow Training Break down (3hrs):

  • First 60 mins - Theory - explaining of lash cycle/products/patch test/tools/council approval/hygiene/hormones etc
  • Next 1.5 hrs -  Practical with model - Learn taping methods, applying eye pads, how to correctly use glue and dipping methods, how to map, choose the right curl & style for clients etc.
  • Final 30 - Social media tips/tricks

Payment Options

Zaura Aesthetics offers train now and pay later options for 1:1 training only.

Once training has been booked online, Zaura Aesthetics will contact to arrange a 50% non refundable deposit to secure your training spot.

The remaining 50% must be paid upon your training day.

Card, Cash or Bank transfer also accepted.

Have a question?

We’re here to help. Reach out to us by:

  • Email hello@Zaura
  • Send us an enquiry by using the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Call us on 0447597589 during business hours 10am-5pm AEST MON-FRI - if your phone call can not be taken, please leave a message as we may be with a client and will get back to you ASAP.


Training cancellations must provide 48 hours notice to reschedule to ensure you do not forfeit your deposit.

Can Zaura Aesthetics Come to me?

Unfortunately, no. Currently Zaura Aesthetics Shadow training is only offered in house at 905c La Trobe St, Delacombe. 

Council Approved

Please note, Zaura Aesthetics is council approved and you will be learning in a safe/hygienic environment

Confidentially Agreement/Training policy

By completing Zaura Aesthetics Training, I agree and fully understand copyright and training policy. A document must be signed by Zaura Aesthetics class attendee's ensuring they will not disclose Zaura Aesthetics technique practices to others.

Once you sign it becomes a legal bound document.

Zaura Aesthetics only will offer Group Trainings for salons. If an individual from a salon enrols, unfortunately, the appointment will be cancelled. If you wish to have further information about group trainings, please enquire below.

Copy right:

I understand that the materials including videos and knowledge in the training belongs to the company, Zaura Aesthetics and the further dealing with any of materials in this course may constitute the copyright infringement. All materials contained within this document are protected by international copyright law and may not be reproduced, distribute, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior, express written permission from the company, Zaura Aesthetics.

Zaura Aesthetics Training - Copyright statement

This material has been provided to you by Jasmine or on behalf of Jasmine or Zaura Aesthetics in accordance with section 113P of the Copyright Act 1968 (Act).

This material in this training may be subject to copyright under the Act. Any further dealings of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protection under the Act and constitute the copyright infringement.

All the materials contained within the training are protected by international copyright law and may not be reproduced, distribute, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior express written permission from Zaura Aesthetics, Jasmine.

Cancellation Agreement 

  • 48 hours must given to avoid forfeiting 50% deposit
  • No materials/technique can be shared  

Ongoing support

Ongoing support is available for everyone who has attended Zaura Aesthetics Shadow Training. However, it will only be available within the area where the training covers to be fair.

For example, if you need further help or assistance on a topic that requires further training, information will not be able to be given unless further training has been agreed to be taken. Zaura Aesthetics does offer follow up training which can be booked online at an adjusted price.

Please read what is included in the training before purchasing.

*Exceptions: Ongoing support will NOT be offered to individuals who have opened a chargeback against Zaura Aesthetics Training or/and to individuals who have not followed our training policy listed above.


Currently within Australia, there are no certification requirements or government regulations to retain a qualification to perform lash services.

Zaura Aesthetics will provide a certificate of complete after you have complete your 1:1 training which will include a hard copy as well as online file.

A tax invoicve will also be provided to all Zaura Aesthetics students which will be 100% tax deductable.

For any further enquires, please complete the contact section below. Please also contact Zaura Aesthetics if you can't see a date or time for training that suits you - we will see what we can organise.

Thank you so much for your interest and support in Zaura Aesthetics training.

Love & Light,

Jasmine xx

Vitamin Lash Lift Shadow Training