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W H A T  I S  I T ~

Full, fluffy, strip lashes.

+ Length: Short-Medium

+ Flexible, cotton band

+ 100% Faux Mink

+ Lashes can be reused 10+ times with proper care

*Lashes do not come with Lash Glue - please purchase the #1 selling Worldwide Lash Glue HERE.

H O W  T O  U S E ~

Gently remove the lashes from their box with a tweezer by lifting at the corner of the lash. Measure the length of the lash against your eyes and cut the outer corners ensuring lash is shorter than the length of your eye. Run a thin line of flue along the lash band. Wait 15 seconds or so and then use tweezers to press the false lashes carefully along your natural lash line. Press down on your lash line and hold until the false lash is secure.

D I S C L A I M E R ~

Discontinue use immediately shall any irritation or reactions occur.